GUEST BLOG – “Finding Happiness With Self-Love” by Erin Williams

June 3, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues. We excitedly introduce you Erin Williams. Erin is a self-love advocate, writer, vlogger, wellness coach and new mama. She’s equally addicted to coffee and self-care. Her words have been featured on MindBodyGreen, the Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha. She encourages women to fall in self-love, find their own style of wellness and devote to self-care. We share her story……

Finding Happiness With Self-Love by Erin Williams

If you rewind the clock back a few years, you would find a very different, very miserable version of me. I was stuck in a rut of self-loathing and I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough. I had a poor relationship with food and exercise, and losing weight was my biggest life goal.

I wanted to be happy in my body but I had no idea how that would be possible. I didn’t realize that the missing key to happiness and acceptance could be found with self-love and positive self-talk.

I had to work hard to change my mindset. I read lots of books and blogs, I journaled and meditated, I worked with coaches and sought advice from many amazing women. But today I can proudly say that I love myself.

I no longer seek validation from a number on the scales or count calories. Instead I eat foods that taste good and that make me feel great. I exercise to feel good, not to burn off dessert. I no longer stand in the mirror and focus on my flaws.

I love my body and am thankful for it every day. I’m especially thankful now as a new mum, as my body grew and continues to nourish my baby.

Sure, some days are easier than other days. But whenever a negative thought about myself does creep in, I know how to counter it with a positive one.

Through finding self-confidence I’ve done things I never thought I would. I’ve made friends with women I previously found intimidating. I’ve travelled on my own. I’ve attended a nude yoga class. I’ve let go of all of the restrictions I’d previously placed on myself. I’ve found peace being me. And my goals for life are much bigger and brighter than losing weight.

As Buddha said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”.

How can you show yourself more love and affection today?

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