GUEST BLOG – “Choose Love” by Alana Leigh

March 31, 2018
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Alana Leigh.

A few self words about Alana as we introduce you to her uplifting positive energy blog:

Alana Leigh: CEO, Jewelry Designer, Film Producer, Writer

The Alana Leigh jewelry collection has been sold in over 400 stores worldwide, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Signature pendants and intricately carved hand casted medallions tell a story which brings meaning to each treasure that Alana creates. Alana’s artistry is inspired by a life of world travel and her far-flung adventures throughout the globe are evident in all of her designs. Today Alana Leigh makes charity a cornerstone of her thriving business. By showcasing her jewels to select groups of fashion-forward and philanthropic-minded customers, Alana is able to give back to causes that are dear to her heart and important to the clients who wear her pieces.

Along with empowering women through her art, Alana has a deep passion for being of service. Her mission is to bring about the awareness of Unity consciousness to the world. Alana was an associate producer on Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s multi-award winning film Miss Representation which premiered at Sundance in 2011 and went on to be purchased by Oprah for the OWN Network. Alana is also an associate producer on Jennifer’s upcoming film The Great American Dream which will premier at Sundance, January 2019. In addition Alana is currently dedicated to a documentary film project which she has written and is producing with Jennifer, about finding peace through choosing love over fear and awakening to Oneness. It is scheduled to begin production in 2019.

We further share her positive story…….


“Choose Love” by Alana Leigh

Each morning my sacred ritual is to sit for a minimum of 15 minutes in meditation. Being fully present in alert awareness for even 5 minutes activates our Awakened Mind and is enough to transform our  entire day. Before I start my inner voyage I read a passage from one of several powerful wisdom teachings that I have studied over the years. A favorite of mine from “A Course in Miracles” is this: “I am determined to see things differently.” Our willingness to change our mind about the way we see any given uncomfortable situation is how we move from fear to Love and create a Miracle.

When an unsettling circumstance arises I know that the Universe is presenting me with an invitation to see things differently. While fear may try to lure me into imagining the worst case scenarios, instead I reach for the positives. When I choose Love over fear, anxiety melts away and I am transported immediately to the Miracle of Peace. From this place my thinking is reversed and a world of possibilities opens up. I have come to understand that our Soul mission in this Human experience is to learn to choose Love over fear in every moment.

Often right before our greatest breakthroughs and most notable achievements, fear sets in and creates a two ton wall of resistance. If Earth is a school and we are here to Awaken to Love, these meaningful turning points are in a sense, like final exams. Choosing Love over fear opens us up to opportunities that can change the course of our life forever.

Over the years my willingness to see things differently has been a pillar of strength and transformation in my life. No matter how daunting a challenge may be, when I choose love over fear my perception shifts and I can count on the fact that a Miracle is right around the corner.

Consider for a moment what the great enlightened Masters tell us: Truth is simple, we are Love and we are One. Our purpose is to Awaken from the dream of fear and return to the Miracle of Love. When I remember this Truth an immense uplifting energy fills my Soul with a clarity of vision so pure and comforting that I am carried by the courage to stay True to my Self.

When we choose Love over fear the Truth of our Oneness with each other is returned to us and from this place all things come.


Alana Leigh

How does choosing Love over fear work for you?


Some Positive affirmations that I use daily:

-“Have Faith not fear.”

-“Each time that I choose Love over fear I create a Miracle.”


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