GUEST BLOG – by YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader, Amber Valdez

May 20, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Amber Valdez. Amber is a former NFL Cheerleader, Entertainment News Host & Reality TV star turned YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader. Amber now serves as an International Speaker and is the Author of the Amazon #1 best-selling Ebook “Stickie Affirmations to Live Your Purpose”.  Amber serves as a successful life, relationship & career coach for Entrepreneurs to Network Marketers, Doctors to App Developers, Students, Movie Producers, Musicians and Moms. Amber is a social media influencer and provides live stream broadcasts to international audiences on Periscope TV and Youtube. Amber is the creator of Team Live Your Purpose movement. The movement is inspiring 1 million+ individuals to love themselves, own their worth so they can fully live their purpose & change the world. We share her story….


How does positive energy play a role in your life, career, and relationships?

My life has done a complete 180 degree turn since I began to harness the power of positivity energy. For years, the negative energy I allowed into my space permeated my life and held me back from experiencing joy and feeling worthy enough to live my purpose. For most of life, my ego was in charge. I felt a burning need for validation, constantly seeking outside approval that I was good enough, physically fit enough, pretty enough, important enough, stylish enough, VIP enough, loveable, or that I was doing enough. This desire to feel “enough” played out in my relationships and most definitely in my career choices, of TV Host, Electronic Events Producer, Reality Star and an NFL Cheerleader. No matter what job I landed, who I knew, the money I made, I simply wasn’t fulfilled. This not “enoughness” and inner negative self talk was by far my biggest hurdle to overcome.

It wasn’t until I started fully embracing emotional intelligence training and my self worth conversation that I was able to be honest about what I truly wanted in life and was being called to do. I hit rock bottom after taking a break from the TV game, blowing through my savings, bombing the biggest call back of my life for a job “I thought I wanted” at a major entertainment network. I was simultaneously experiencing the most devastating heartbreak of my life in yet another failed codependent and emotionally abusive relationship with an addict. It was then I realized the impact that creating an unwavering positive mindset and truly loving myself would have on my happiness and success in all areas of my life. I learned that I could manifest healthy, lasting love and abundance just by learning to change the victim conversations I was having with myself. I began to own my worth, release the need to be a victim or continue to chase dreams to impress anyone other than myself.


What was the most powerful tool you used to implement shifting your thoughts to more positive ones and taking control of your energy?

I have been a fan of Louise Hay for almost ten years, and she taught me how powerful the thoughts I think and the words that I was speaking to myself are.  Through her teachings, I learned how much power these lies and inner negative thoughts were still having over me. I realized that I was allowing my limiting beliefs based on what my mother, exes bullies and society either said to me or didn’t say to me. I finally got that I didn’t have to accept the way they chose to treat me and that I was playing the victim to my circumstances. This was a choice, but it didn’t have to be my destiny. I learned to shift my belief from “why is this happening to me” to being in discovery of “why this is happening  for me”.

I also learned that the only person responsible to cheer myself on, love and approve of myself and believe in my dreams was ME.  I began to take responsibility for healing my life and shifting those thoughts to create the life I wanted not the one I thought others  admired me for. I chose to study emotional intelligence and learn a ton about the power that language has over our thoughts, feelings, actions and the outcome of our life. I learned that I could use affirmations as a tool to retrain and update the programming I received as a child, which was holding me back from experiencing joy, abundance and success in all areas of my life.


How did you use stickie affirmations to turn your mindset into a positive one?

I learned that every time I had a negative belief, fear or bad habit come up, that I could choose to write the desired outcome, positive belief or new habit down on post-it notes instead. I believe we can all use these as “mini billboards” and easy reminders to practice thinking and speaking differently about ourselves, recreate a new habit, manifest a desired outcome or change our current belief system of what is possible. These intentions, dreams, possibilities and positive belief systems are a fun way to work on yourself and have been named  #stickieaffirmations. They are my biggest cheerleaders that I use to this day for myself, students and clients.

Over time, I retrained my negative limited mindset through placing these bad boys strategically throughout my home, car, bathroom, etc to intercept negative thoughts.

Regardless of what happened for you, or what you’ve believed up until now, I believe this is the most useful and fun tool I’ve found to consciously rewire and program our beautiful mind on what to believe, create, speak and think starting today.

Here are some of my favorite positive #StickieAffirmations for you to practice speaking naturally:

I Matter, I’m Worthy, and My Purpose Matters!

I love myself and approve of myself.

You get to feel it, so you can heal it!

Self Care = Self Love = Self Worth = Success

Everything is happening FOR me!

YOU MATTER, YOU ARE WORTHY & YOUR PURPOSE MATTERS! So let’s get busy taking responsibility of your mindset so you can love yourself, own your worth and fully live your purpose!

With love light & infinite gratitude,

Amber Valdez, YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader

Instagram: @lifepurposecheerleader

Twitter:  @ambervaldez


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