GUEST BLOG – “Accidents, Tests, and Positivity Effects” by Maggie Lane

April 13, 2018
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Maggie Lane.

A few self words about Maggie as we introduce you to her uplifting positive energy blog:

Maggie Lane is a holistic health and happiness consultant. She utilizes her certifications, knowledge, experiences and in nutrition, alternative holistic health and wellness practices such as yoga and meditation to help improve the lives of others, lowering stress and optimizing health & happiness of those around her. She is passionate about helping others find their true self and live their life purpose.

We further share her positive story…….


“Accidents, Tests, and Positivity Effects” by Maggie Lane, Holistic Health & Happiness Consultant


The universe is funny.

Earlier this week, I started to write about the power of positivity and how it has effected my life. I was excited and thrilled to be the guest writer on Unigize! I don’t know if I mentioned it but, I was VERY excited! Even writing that last sentence, I could feel my vibration and energy shifting, raising and becoming lighter, more potently powerful and certainly positive!

And with that simple paragraph, the power of positivity had begun to take its effect!
Pretty amazing, right? Then, life happened…..

Today, as I was on my way to a café to complete my post, I get into a car accident! Oh, I was not happy.  Oh yes, I was upset.  Oh how not funny was such irony! I pause, take a deep breath. After that breath, I am able to reflect; and I fortunately emit a little chuckle. The universe is just…funny. Ha. No, I’m not laughing, but this was quite a funny situation.  So, I saw this as a test. I am honestly not sure how I did in the moment, and I may in fact have failed said test. How did I act and react? Well, probably not well; but then, I realized this wasn’t a black and white test. It was one full of the grey. There was hope. I might have done OK on this one test of many proctored by Life itself.

At first, I was annoyed, not happy and just truly upset. As I was speaking to the young boy who hit my car, my anger kept escalating.  Then, suddenly I see his face. He was cowering a bit and in shock himself. So, I stopped myself, took a deep breath and quickly apologized for being upset.  Now, with a bit of an edge and haughtiness in himself, he said, “Yeah, I can tell!” It was in this moment that I realized how much power I had in this situation to shape the experience and its outcome. I was in control. The power of perspective, energy and ultimately positivity is everything!  Our thoughts are everything! Like a painting with each stroke of the brush, the painting’s colors and shapes and scenes change, the energy, atmosphere and mood changes by each of the artist’s strokes.

In this particular situation, the young boy went from apologetic to a little shy of being aggressive. Wow, and it was my reactions that took him there. So right then, I immediately say to him in a calmer voice (I wasn’t quite there yet…but the positivity process in me had begun to take effect thankfully), “well, thank goodness no one was hurt and thank goodness we both have insurance.” Phew, he was at ease. Thankfully, the energy shifted again, becoming lighter. Here he is a young boy standing in front of me, and I felt sorry for him. Regardless of the details of what happened and the mindless minutia that didn’t even matter melted away, and I saw that I had compassion for this boy who hit me.

Yes, the universe is certainly funny.  I could hear Life chuckle as I was taking this test.

I asked him what he did for work; and with a stressful exhale and almost what seemed like a little bit of shame, he told me he was an actor on his way to teach swimming lessons at the YMCA. These details didn’t quite matter, but what did matter to me is that I could see the worry of his face. This changed my perspective yet again; I compassionately saw this situation from his eyes and put myself in his shoes.

It wasn’t an immediate snap of the fingers nor was it a flip of the switch that made me feel better about this accident. It was the process that got me there. Some days it is immediate, and hopefully one day it will be consistently an immediate flip of the positive switch. We are not perfect human beings, but if we practice a positive perspective, we make progress! And it is the progress that feels good, which is certainly positive.

So, how can we change this situation and improve it? To make it “do-able” and more logical and less dramatic or taxing? We take those baby steps, and we find something that raises our vibes and changes our perspective to something that feels better, even if it is ever so slight, it is still progressing in the right direction.  And those small steps and changes in perspective eventually become lighter and brighter!
What once seemed impossible is actually achievable and has now been accomplished!

The Dalai Lama was once asked, “what is happiness?” He smiled, chuckled and then quickly answered: “a bad memory!” Ha. That was funny, and I literally laugh! A bad memory? What he means by that is that it is your perspective and your focus that determines your happiness. What you choose to see, feel, experience, learn and remember is what will be imprinted as true (whether it is or isn’t) and that perspective is what will make you happy or blue.

Having a positive perspective has definitely changed my life for the better. It makes my life much more of an enjoyable journey, enhancing it each step of the way. Perhaps that is the purpose of this post in my life, to change my perspective on my accident earlier today and visa versa.  And, I can honestly say, it worked. My perspective changed. There was an evolution of emotions, and I eventually I got there!  Today it was a process, but thankfully, we did it!  We found a positive perspective in this situation!

We? I am referring to my mother. She is one of my most powerful influences in my life. And I have to thank her even for this particular lesson. She always would say “cheer up buttercup, find something positive and brighten up.” I called her and she said to write at least four things that made me happy and that would “turn my frown upside-down.”
And it so happened that I was on my way to a café to write a positivity post for Unigize. And I have to say that my mother was right, writing something positive always works! Our minds and our focus shape our reality, our experiences and our existence. What we think about, we bring about. What we focus on, we become. And that, is the power of positivity and the power of a positive perspective in my life. Life will continue to proctor your tests and you might as well enjoy them and give the power of a positivity perspective a try. You might enjoy what some call a Positivity Effect!

Maggie Lane


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