GUEST BLOG – “25 super simple ways to raise your vibration when it feels impossible” by Kathrin Zenkina

May 6, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues. We excitedly introduce you to Kathrin Zenkina. Kathrin is a spiritual mindset coach, and creator of Manifestation Babe, a personal development company she founded to empower women to connect with their spirituality and manifest their wildest dreams. Kathrin is an expert at taking the principles of manifesting, Law of Attraction, and simplifying them in a way that finally makes some sense for the modern day babe. We share her story……

“25 super simple ways to raise your vibration when it feels impossible” by Kathrin Zenkina

We all hear the same message over and over again. Raise your vibration, focus on positive thoughts, and you will manifest a positive life. Sometimes (Okay, most of the time) it’s so much easier said than done.

As a spiritual mindset coach working with countless clients, I have come to the obvious realization that we live in a modern day world. A modern day world filled with plenty of distractions like friends complaining on Facebook about their uber being 5 minutes late, the economy being on the verge of crashing, and how everything is too expensive.

It’s not our faults that we can’t stick with living in a high vibration all of the time. We’re constantly surrounded by negativity, fear based messaging, and scarcity mentalities. The question I always get asked is: How the EF am I supposed to stay positive when I don’t even have time to manage my thoughts and focus on creating a beautiful state of mind? I get it. However, baby steps and practice are key.

Since our minds can’t be bombarded with too much information at once, I created a list of 25 super simple ways you can raise your vibe and radically improve your life. Choose a couple, a few, or choose them all. It’s not about quantity, but quality here:

1. Put on your favorite high vibe song and dance to let go of blocks, and open up your natural state of flow. The endorphins will kick in and you will forget what happened 5 minutes ago.

2. Forgive someone in your life who is taking up too much space in your heart and filling it with resentful energy. Finally LET THEM GO.

3. Organize your wallet, your work space, and a room you spend the most time in to allow the energy of money and abundance to flow into your financial areas.

4. Learn a new skill or enroll into a course to expand your knowledge. Increasing your ability to provide value and contribute to society in a way that fulfills you will make you feel REALLY good.

5. Sign up for a workout class that challenges you and pumps endorphins into you daily. A strong healthy body allows for a strong healthy mindset. Never underestimate the power of the body-mind connection!

6. Compliment 1 new person every single day. Watch their smiles take over their face and go on with your day knowing that you spread positivity into someone else’s life that day.

7. Perform a random act of kindness. Big or small, up to you. Pay for someone’s coffee. Fill up someone’s parking meter. Sponsor a child across the world in a third world country. Take a homeless off the street by supporting organizations like Food On Foot ( Open the door for 10 people in a row. Prove to yourself and the world that kindness alone can change lives.

8. Start waking up and saying your affirmations first thing in the morning in a “wonder woman” pose. The pose will boost your testosterone levels, reduce your cortisol levels, and your affirmations will majorly boost your confidence for the entire day. I swear by it with myself and my clients. Give it a try!

9. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for every single morning and feel them to your very core. Gratitude is the only way to turn “not enough” into “enough” and demolish your scarcity mentality.

10. Read at least 15-30 pages of a book that inspires you. That daily inspiration will keep your mindset optimistic. One of the keys to success all entrepreneurs or successful people will admit is that an optimistic mindset is a winning mindset.

11. Invest into a coach who can help you uncover what’s holding you back and help you eliminate all the stories/reasons/emotional blocks that are preventing you from getting to where you want to do. One session alone has the potential to completely change your life. 4-12 sessions? You’ll never think in the same way again.

12. If you KNOW you need to do this, eliminate that one toxic person out of your life. Like right now. Hit the unfollow button. Delete the texts/messages. Commit to moving on. It’s only a matter of time before the “ripping of the bandaid” feeling subsides and you can breathe freely again without them clogging up your spiritual pores.

13. Commit to a meditation practice of just 10 minutes. 10 minutes a day to just breathe and keep your head clear will do wonders for your stress levels.

14. Add more raw nutrient dense food to your diet (like green juice for instance) to raise the vibration of your body. High vibe foods are huge mindset boosters through the mind-body connection.

15. Visualize a perfect day in your perfect life. Regular visualization boosts creativity and gets the subconscious mind working to bring your ideal life into your reality. Be as detailed as possible when visualizing and remember to FEEL the feelings as if you’re already living the reality. Doing this will also help you gain clarity over what it is that you want to experience in this lifetime.

16. Journal out your thoughts. Journaling allows you to express yourself and let out your frustrations, fears, and worries in a safe place so that they stop taking up space in your mind. Journaling is my favorite way to clear my head.

17. Remove “can’t” and “never” from your vocabulary. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy to tell yourself and others statements that include these negative words. You’ll sabotage your efforts long before you ever try. Anything is possible, and miracles happen every single day.

18. Stop worrying. I know, I know. Easier said than done. But there are going to be things in your life that are beyond your control. Whether you worry about them or not, you just can’t do anything about it. You’ll end up wasting your energy and lowering the quality of your life in the process. Instead, focus on the things you CAN change. Your attitude about what can be done is better utilized.

19. Start trusting your intuition. If something feels right but doesn’t make any sense, go for it. If something doesn’t feel right, but makes tons of sense, don’t do it. Your intuition is the key to the unseen world. It can save you a lot of headaches by avoiding unforeseen mistakes, and bring big rewards into your life by unlocking unknown opportunities.

20. Laugh more. Laughter boosts all the feel good hormones in your body that may lead to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. It’s true that laughter is the best medicine. Block off some time this evening to watch your favorite comedy or invite a friend you laugh the most with over for a long overdue girls’ night.

21. Set 3 goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year, and put them somewhere where you will see them every single day. Write them in the present or past tense as if you’ve already accomplished them so that your subconscious mind can better absorb the information as “truth.” I like to keep my goals on the wall by my desk at work. It keeps me focused on my ultimate outcome of this year regardless of what comes my way on a day-to-day basis. Your OUTCOME is what matters. Your goals=ideal outcomes.

22. Upgrade 1 thing in your life today. Whether it is your phone, a part of your favorite outfit, furniture in your home, your computer, etc. Upgrades send out a high vibe signal to the Universe attracting more high vibe experiences in return. #InvestInYourSelf

23. Open up your credit card statements, student loans, and any other debts you currently have and come face to face with them. Make a 1-3 year plan to become completely debt free. Yes, whip out your calculator and start calculating payments to be made! If you don’t face it, and you don’t plan it, your debt will sit there forever. Being debt free is the BEST feeling. Literally.

24. Tell someone how much you love them. Love is the source from which you come from. Without love, we would all die.

25. Commit to giving up an hour of your time this week to a charity that lights your heart on fire. When giving to the less fortunate, your entire life is automatically put into perspective. It’s the fastest way to realize how much you TRULY have.

Which of the 25 are you going to try today? Also, what are some of your own little mindset tricks that you do to help you to focus on staying positive? Let us know in the comments below!

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