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June 18, 2016

As we continue our series on “guest bloggers” we’d like to introduce you to a company proudly doing their part to do good and help others in this world. A company sharing organic beauty products and a positive outlook on life. Believe organics have been kind enough to share a very touching and personal story on how personal tragedy evolved into a thriving business dedicated to a cherished family member. Here’s their story……

Believe organics- Ground Hero to Super Hero 

There’s a billion stories out there and this one’s mine. The short version of how I went from ground Zero to Super Hero (at least in my wife’s eyes).

I’m currently in the middle of my favorite chapter but there were pages and pages of tears and drama to get to this point.

In 2004, my sister passed away. It was tragic. She was young, vibrant, and the doctors were unsure why her health was deteriorating. Nothing they tried worked and her death was a long, slow, painful process that rocked our family to the core. It made us question and reevaluate our preconceptions of a “healthy” lifestyle. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but I still struggled trying to understand.

For me, the death of my sister was that moment in my life when I began to reevaluate and change my thinking. I immersed myself in books, documentaries and websites and studied along with my wife who really helped redirect my mourning. I began adjusting my attitude with meditation and positive self talk. We learned all that we could about holistic healthy living focusing on exercise, organic plant based foods and a nontoxic household. Believe organics is our way of honoring my sister’s memory and making something beautiful out of the deepest sadness of my life.
believe organics.


Good for you, Good for your family, Good for the earth.

Team Unigize thank believe organics for sharing such a touching story. Many can relate in times of tragedy. Feel free to comment and share what tools in life have helped you along the way…..books, videos, family, friends, and mediation to name a few helpful tools.

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