April 16, 2016
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It doesn’t matter what gender, age, or ability. Everyone can participate in a fun filled team sport and have the time of their lives. Sports of all kinds bring out a team driven environment. A further drive to do the best you can and a sense of accomplishment.  Participating in these events will provide you with long lasting memories that will bring a smile to your face every time you ponder the moment.

It’s always challenging to find some time in our busy lives and to have energy at the end of the day to participate in activities, but we all can do it. Simply pick an activity that you would like to participate in. There are many resources in each of our communities such as a recreation centre, a school gym, etc. If you have a senior parent in a home, volunteer to make sure they are getting enough exercise with an activity director as well. Further, be involved with your child’s school and make sure they’re also getting enough exercise throughout their day. Always create some time at home as well to do something fun and active together. Not only is it fun, but it stimulates the mind and always great for the body.

As seen in our featured video, seniors are having a fun time while challenging themselves by playing and competing in a game of hockey. Being active no matter what your age can be so rewarding to oneself and re-energize your inner youthfulness.  Being part of any team shows respect for your fellow teammate by helping one another and cheering each other on. This type of event brought sheer joy to all those involved and for all those watching from the sidelines. Enjoy plus feel free to pass it on to family and friends:




*What “good time” event have you participated in and how did it make you feel?

*Have you watched a “good time” video or live event that inspired you enough to want to participate in yourself?


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