March 26, 2016
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From time to time we come across subjects that are short, sweet, and subjective. This will be one of those times, as our purpose is to simply trigger all the things you cherish.

History is made every single day. Both thru moments in time and day to day activities. What we decide to cherish is based on past life experiences and all things currently relevant in our daily lives.
One way to discover the many things we cherish is to do a personal self inventory of your very own moments in time. Being so unique is what sets us all apart and one of many reasons how we all differ. We’ve compiled a list in hopes to trigger “all things cherished” by you:

-family time
-family pets
-an old photo album
-family heirloom
-old childhood games/toys
-childhood memories
-moments of 1st concert/sport event
-hobbies(both old and current)
-car/ material items

The list could go on and on but only you know what triggers the things that matter most to you.

We also stumbled across this touching and heart warming video. What was once lost and now is found decades later, reminds us to cherish all things:



*Have you ever lost something so valuable, only to have found it much later?

*What is the one thing you cherish the most from day to day?

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