January 3, 2016

We’d like to kick off the new year by wishing everyone all the best for an amazing year ahead! Remember that a good start makes for a good finish!

Like in all years past, 2015 certainly had many positive memories and moments. We love to focus on the positive and didn’t need to look far to see the many positive moments shared most recently to wrap up the calendar year. We’ve read about teachers making a difference to their students, multiple “pay it forward” activities, and donations of time, gifts, and food during the holiday season. The beauty of all of those moments is the sheer magic and warmth brought to everyone involved. Not just moments to end off the calendar year either, but to also carry on and participate throughout the entire year(s) moving forward.

This time of year is also extremely popular for many to make a “new years resolution”. A promise to ones self to improve upon and make an overall difference. Whether one believes in this yearly tradition or not, one thing we’re certain of is that self improvement can be game changing on so many positive levels. Although many ways are effective, focus on the tried and true approach of being honest with yourself. Continue to focus on knowing your strengths and passions that drive you day to day. Many view a resolution as a daily and lifetime beginning to improved choices for yourself. Make the new year about changes that inspire you to be more positive by surrounding yourself with happiness and positive energy.

At this point, we typically add a video telling a story related to the blog. We feel there’s no story to tell seeing as this moment is truly about you. A moment to reflect on what 2015 was and what exciting moments lie ahead for you in 2016. No one knows you better, so truly focus on what makes you happy. The positive results will be immediate for yourself and others inspired by you. An amazing way to make a positive impact! An incredible way to launch into 2016!
Remember that a good start makes for a good finish!

Use this firework simulator video below to trigger the inner “fireworks” in you and further enhance the desire in your personality:



*What does the new year mean to you?

*Any wisdom and advise you’d like to share for 2016?

Team Unigize wishes everyone health, happiness, and all the best for a wonderful 2016!

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