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GUEST BLOG – “Vibration Speaks Louder Than Action & Words” by Priya Patten

May 26, 2018
Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Priya Patten. A few self words about Priya as we introduce you to her uplifting positive energy blog: My name is Priya and I am a kickass spiritually awakened entrepreneur who supports my global clients to expand their consciousness. I go by the tittle of Alignment Coach and in essence this...
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GUEST BLOG – “Positivity Wins” by Eric Bigger

May 12, 2018
Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Positive Energy guru, Eric Bigger. I LOVE LIFE!…. is exactly what Eric lives, believes and shares thru his exuberant belief in the power of POSITIVE ENERGY. Many positive channels Eric has and continues to share are thru his many positive hats he wears thru life. As a TV personality,...
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May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

May 3, 2018
Brain tumours are unpredictable and complex. They can affect vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Their effects are physical, emotional, financial, last a lifetime, and with no known cure…….. For more informative education and for ways to contribute, please review the attached link: