Monthly Archives: April 2017

GUEST BLOG – “Just Jess” by Jessica Rosado

April 22, 2017
  Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues. We excitedly introduce actress, singer, and writer, Jessica Rosado. She shares her experience through the lifestyle blog Just Jess and is thrilled to continue pursuing her passions as her career in Television and Theatre. Jessica speaks from her heart as a Domestic Violence Advocate and Performing Arts Education...

Autism Awareness Month – April

April 5, 2017
April is Autism Awareness Month 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It’s indiscriminate in the people it affects, and it causes significant challenges not just for them but for their families too. Raising Autism awareness isn’t as simple as just telling people it exists – it’s about education, and helping...

GUEST BLOG – “Positivity Is A Choice” by James Calderon

April 1, 2017
Our “guest blog” series continues. We excitedly introduce entrepreneur and inspirational positivity guru James Calderon. Family man James uses his ability to not only motivate himself daily but to also inspire and bring hope to others along his optimistic journey. James also utilizes written content, video interviews, and music videos as just a few...