Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ground Zero to Super Hero – GUEST BLOG

June 18, 2016
As we continue our series on “guest bloggers” we’d like to introduce you to a company proudly doing their part to do good and help others in this world. A company sharing organic beauty products and a positive outlook on life. Believe organics have been kind enough to share a very touching and personal story on how personal tragedy evolved...


June 11, 2016
Team Unigize are pleased to announce a brand new series of “guest blogs” that further contribute to building a positive energy community together with future guest bloggers. We’re pleased to introduce you to Anika and Taylor who’ve teamed up together to form The Natural Girls. The Natural Girls love to discuss overall wellness,...

Local angel gives the gift of love to those who need it most

June 2, 2016
Angel Magnussen was just five years old when she realized it was her life mission to help others. It was a realization that came despite — or maybe because of — all the help she needed herself. Angel, who has Down syndrome and autism in addition to various other health conditions, was repeatedly in hospital as a child. Right from the start, though, she was more...