Monthly Archives: May 2016


May 28, 2016
There are so many ways and so many reasons to keep moving forward. Never say never.  Always believe in yourself. Determination teaches us all. Never give up. Just a few common beliefs and popular sayings used as self-motivation that can further be projected onto others. Some may think these phrases are cliché, but the actual reality is backed up by scientific...


May 14, 2016
We’re ever so grateful for the many organizations doing incredible things for both their own community and for others around the world. Too many to mention, but we give thanks to all involved. Staff, organizers, volunteers and athletes are a few key working components when fulfilling the dreams of others less fortunate.  Athletes in particular have a wonderful...

Medic Alert Awareness Month

May 5, 2016
In a moment of crisis, paramedics, police and other emergency responders need to know your medical needs quickly. That information is critical when every second counts. No one should ever have to face a medical emergency alone. Only MedicAlert notifies your family of your situation and whereabouts – so they can be by your side, when you need them most. Have...