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March 26, 2016
From time to time we come across subjects that are short, sweet, and subjective. This will be one of those times, as our purpose is to simply trigger all the things you cherish. History is made every single day. Both thru moments in time and day to day activities. What we decide to cherish is based on past life experiences and all things currently relevant in our daily...


March 19, 2016
Your life is a hidden gem! We’ve discussed the very uniqueness of being individual and “one of a kind”. Now we’d like to extend the discussion to the origin of how we all have individualistic “hidden gem” talent. This gift can be discovered at a very young age, as you get older, or possibly not even realized as of yet. If fortunate enough to discover...


March 12, 2016
A friendship between brothers and sisters is an unbreakable bond. The culture of this unique relationship is born from natural human desire to grow common ground friendship. A friendship that is developed many ways with many stages. The further wonderment of these relations is how they’re not solely based on siblings born under the same family tree. We’re...


March 5, 2016
Practice makes perfect! …..or at least it can be incredibly fun learning and progressing along the way. Many try and try again to reach perfection, or as close to it as possible. So where does the goal to strive for near perfection begin? Typically, at a very young age with the loving support of family and friends. Most can relate to what it takes when developing...