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act of kindness, pay it forward


October 30, 2015
Every single act of kindness makes a big difference for everyone involved. Small ones, big ones and anywhere in between ones.  No matter the size of the act, be happy in knowing that you’ve made another person’s day. Sharing your amazing smile alone can make an immediate impact as others continue to pass on their own smile.  Science has also proven that...
child fights disease

Mission family tackle their son Nolin’s rare disease together

October 28, 2015
When you enter the Mission home of Darlene Schopman and Frank Jutten, the first thing that strikes you is how alive the house feels. The smell of fresh coffee fills the air, original art hangs on the walls, and the sound of a child’s laughter echoes throughout the place. The house practically radiates love. You’d never guess the family is struggling with a...
laughter, laughter is the best medicine


October 16, 2015
Laughter is truly the best medicine! Laughter and positive energy are great combinations that promote “feel good” emotions. Laughter is a fantastic way to start your day and to also share with anyone at any given time. Bringing a smile to someone’s face can instantly reduce stress levels. Laughter is further contagious and highly increases the chances...