Monthly Archives: September 2015

Pet Therapy

September 29, 2015
It’s truly heartwarming and uplifting to experience the loving energy shared between pets and their owners. Many experience this unique relationship with their own pets, while others are witness to one of many entertaining internet pet videos. One thing for certain is the many positive benefits you can obtain being around several different species of...

The Power of Music

September 29, 2015
One incredibly powerful way to experience positive energy for yourself is to listen to your favorite artists’ and their music. Thinking back we all remember our first favorite band or artist. Their music always made our days better and many times turned into lifelong moments and memories. Furthermore, experiencing your favorite artists perform their...

It’s because of…the everyday superhero

September 28, 2015
We give thanks to the everyday superhero. It’s because of you and your heroic actions that bring us memorable moments that are cherished for a life time. To name just a few:  Parents/single parents, family members, friends, neighbours, teachers, emergency responders, those who serve and protect, medical/health professionals, charity organizers...